Personal background

Inez has been a founder of charities, a fund raiser, and a good will ambassador to various foundations in the New York area.  She founded a "City of Hope" chapter in Cedarhurst, and now has been a major fund raiser for the AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention of New York.  Inez was president of the Cedarhurst Business Association and on the board of "Fight for Sight" and "Community Chest" in the five towns area.  She has sponsored and run fashion shows at the Waldorf Hotel, St. Regis Hotel, Essex House, Glen Oak Country Club, Crest Hallow Country Club, Lido Beach Towers, and others.  Inez is now a member of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and her store has received an award as one of the most outstanding merchants in June 2012. 


Special events include black tie events, weddings, mother-of-the-bride/groom, sportswear, prom gowns, and bar/bat Mitzvahs.  Inez has the expertise to dress people appropriately for any given event.   Appropriate attire for an event needs to come from a person who has spent a life time thinking about such fashion.  If you're thinking about a special event it would be wise to include her eye for fashion.  Events are very expensive, it needs to be right the first time, and let it be a memorable time.

Inez has been in the industry for quite a number of years, her patrons have included prominent business women, politicians, and celebrities.  While in Cedarhurst, NY patrons would come from Manhattan and the Hamptons to buy her clothes and seek her expertise in style and current fashions.  Face it, a true fashion sense is an art form, Inez has had this fashion sense from junior high school.  She always liked the finer looking things and drove her mother crazy in her persuit.  In high school she worked evenings and the weekends to get the fashionable clothes that she wanted.

In the recent photo to the left, Inez is wearing discounted Roberto Cavalli slacks and an inexpensive top and shoes. One doesn't have to pay a thousand to look like a million.

OVer 30 years experience

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